Is there a national do not mail registry?

You might be wondering if there’s such a thing as a national do not mail registry or some sort of official government national junk mail opt out program. Fair questions. After all, there’s a Federal Do Not Call List (highly recommended to minimize dinner interruptions,) so why not some sort of national junk mail opt out that magically stops all of your junk mail? Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Why? We can’t say.

If you visit the FTC website on this topic (trust us, it’s a typical [read: not useful] government website) you’ll be given a confusing spiel about some of (emphasis on some) the organizations that may use your information for commercial purposes. And they’ll let you know that some of (again, some) will let you opt yourself out of their lists and marketing by jumping through various hoops.

The trouble is twofold: first: the list is incomplete. The sad truth is there are a great many [think: dozens and dozens] of organizations that send you junk mail. Even following the numerous steps on the FTC’s website won’t put a huge dent in the huge pile of junk mail you receive each month.

The second troublesome bit about the FTC’s website is that following all of their instructions is a lot of work. I’m afraid we can’t blame this on a poorly written government instructions – it’s just that ridding yourself of junk mail the DIY way is simply a lot of work.

Spoiler alert: there’s a much, much easier way we’ll tell you about at the end.

So, we’re sorry to let you down. There’s no government-sponsored national do not mail registry. We won’t speculate too much on why this is, although perhaps the folks in Washington feel that phone calls are more annoying than junk mail? We’d have to disagree on that topic, and point out that phone calls are better for the environment than junk mail, but we do suppose the government has a fair number of other things to be worrying about.

In the absence of a national junk mail opt out program we present a worthy alternative:! By working to safely remove your name and address from the many, many places that send you junk mail, StopMyJunkMail reduces your junk mail by 80-95% for five years. You can learn more about our service and sign up here. Not ready to order yet but want to give us a try? Click the green button below and we’ll stop your supermarket flyers for free.

Hope you found the information helpful, if disappointing, but check out StopMyJunkMail and see just how easy stopping your junk mail can be!

Paul Zalewski | cofounder,


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